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List-I (Dynasty) List-II (Capital)
A Chalukya of Gujarat 1. Tripuri
B Kalachuris of Chedi 2. Anhilvad
C Parmaras of Malva 3. Ajmer
D Chahmans of Sakambhari 4. Dhara


    A  B  C  D 

(a) 1  3  2  4 

(b) 2  1  4  3 

(c) 2  3  4  1 

(d) 4  1  2  3

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(b) The correct match list is: 

Dynasty                              Capital 

Chalukya of Gujarat            Anhilvad 

Kalachuris of Chedi             Tripuri 

Parmaras of Malwa              Dhara 

Chahmans of Sakambhari    Ajmer

The Chalukya dynasty was an Indian royal dynasty that ruled large parts of southern and central India between the 6th and the 12th centuries. During this period, they ruled as three related yet individual dynasties. The Kalachuris, also known as the Haihayas, were an ancient people known from the Epics and Puranas from 249 or 250 AD. Several branches of the Kalachuris were settled in different parts of northern India. In the later half of sixth century AD, they ruled over a powerful kingdom comprising Gujarat, northern Maharashtra, and later then some parts of Malwa. The Paramara. Their ancient capital was Chandrawati, situated 4 miles away from Abu station. This Vansha evolves out from the Agni Kunda of Yagya on the Abu mountain.”ParajanMarithiParmar” means “Vansha which defeats the enemy” hence it is called Parmar. In 973— 1192, Chahmans of Sakambhari (Ajmer – Rajasthan)

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