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Characteristics of emotion

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  • Every emotion is followed by physiological change such as rapid heartbeat, change in the pulse rate, change in blood pressure, and change in the facial expression, voice and body movements. 
  • Emotion is accompanied by a feeling of pleasantness and unpleasantness, following physiological changes. 
  • Emotions are subjective and purely individual. The same situation may evoke different emotions in different individuals.
  • Emotions have wide range and are not restricted to a particular age period. They occur to children, adolescents and adults. 
  • Emotions rise suddenly. The passing away of emotions is, however slow, leaving behind an emotional state which lasts for some time. 
  • Emotions have swings. One emotion may give rise to another emotion and the two may get merged.
  • An emotion mostly raises when the organism faces a difficult situation or when the basic need is challenged or is not satisfied. In fact, a situation, real or imaginary, is always connected with an emotion. 
  • Children's emotions are not as natural and long-standing as those of adults. Their emotions are characterized by sudden and intense outburst, are more frequent and are easily expressed.
  • Development of emotions


  • Emotions Help us Act Quickly with minimum Conscious Awareness 
  • Emotions Prepare the Body for Immediate Action 
  • Emotions Influence Thoughts 
  • Emotions Motivate Future Behaviors
  • Emotional Expressions Facilitate Specific Behaviors in Perceivers 
  • Emotional Expressions Signal the Nature of Interpersonal Relationships 
  • Emotional Expressions Provide Incentives for Desired Social Behavior
  • There are many things we take for granted in our daily lives. 
  • Modern human life is a colorful picture of many groups and individual lives woven together in a complex yet functional way. 
  • Culture allows the group to meet basic needs of survival, pursue happiness and well-being, and derive meaning from life

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