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Which one of the following aspects is an exclusive characteristics of living things?

  1. Perception of events happening in the environment and their memory
  2. Increase in mass by accumulation of material both on surface as well as internally.
  3. Isolated metabolic reactions occur in vitro
  4. Increase in mass from inside only

27th(last one)

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1 Answer

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Correct answer:
Perception of events happening in the environment and their memory


All living things have an ability to respond to their environment, that is also called stimulation.

The most obvious and technically complicated feature of all living organisms is the ability to sense their surroundings or environment and to respond to these environmental stimuli which could be physical, chemical or biological.

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But even option d seems to be right. What about that ? Please explain
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Correct option is (1). Plz check the explanation.

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