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List out the features common for both Gymnosperms & Angiosperms.

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Gymnosperms resemble with angiosperms in the following features:

1. Presence of well organised plant body which is differentiated into roots, stem and leaves 

2. Polyembryony (presence of many embryo). The naked ovule develops into seed. The endosperm is haploid and develop before fertilization. 

3. The life cycle shows alternation of generation. The sporophytic phase is dominant and gametophytic phase is highly reduced.

4. Presence of cambium in gymnosperms as in dicotyledons. 

5. Flowers in Gnetum resemble to the angiosperm male flower. The Zygote represent the first cell of sporophyte. 

6. Presence of integument around the ovule. 

7. Both plant groups produce seeds 

8. Pollen tube helps in the transfer of male nucleus in both. 

9. Presence of Eustele.

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