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If the boiling point of H2O is 373 K, the boiling point of H2S will be : 

(1) Greater than 300 K but less than 373 K 

(2) Less than 300 K 

(3) Equal to 373 K 

(4) More than 373 K

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(2) Less than 300 K 

Boiling point of H2S < Boiling point of H2O

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we know when F, O or N atoms are attached to hydrogens atoms, hydrogen bond will appear due to high electronegativity difference between them.

chemical formula of water is H₂O so at room temperature, water molecules is found in liquid because of hydrogen bonding.

but compound H₂S is found in gas because Sulphur atoms don't show hydrogen bond.

now you know as well, a gas has very low boiling point compare to liquid.

Therefore the boiling point of H₂S should be less than 300K.

Therefore the correct option is (2)

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