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Describe two important uses of each of the following: 

(i) caustic soda 

(ii) sodium carbonate 

(iii) quicklime. 

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Caustic Soda

o In petroleum refining process
o In the manufacture of soap paper, artificial silk, and a number of chemicals
o In the process of purifying bauxite
o In textile industries to mercerise cotton fabrics
o In the preparation of pure fats and oils
o As a reagent in laboratory

Uses of Sodium Carbonate

o In water softening
o It is used in laundering and cleaning
o In the manufacture of glass, soap, borax, and caustic soda
o In industries in the manufacture of paper, paints, and textile
o In laboratory as a reagent

Uses of Quick Lime

• For manufacturing cement, it is also the cheapest form of alkali
• For manufacturing sodium carbonate from caustic soda
• For manufacturing dye stuffs
• For purifying sugar

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