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Describe the importance of the following: 

(i) limestone 

(ii) cement 

(iii) plaster of paris. 

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1).Limestone- It is also known as marble and chalk.It is calcium carbonate(CaCO3).
1.Used for preparation of lime and cement.
2.Used as flux during smelting of iron.Used in medicines and in tooth pastes.

2).Cement- it is an important building material used in different kind of construction works.
1.Used in concrete and reinforced concrete.
2.Mixed with cement used in plastering.
3.Used in construction of tunnels,dams,roads,bridges etc.

3).Plaster of Paris-This is calcium sulphate hemihydrate.It is prepared by heating gypsum.
1.Used for setting broken or fractured bones in the body.
2.For making statues,models and other decorative material.

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