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Explain how the failure of the mansabdari system affected the military strength of the country in the 18th century

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The mansabdari system worked fine till the death of Akbar. Under this system, the mansabdars maintained a fixed number of soldiers in return for which they got jagirs. However, after Akbar’s death, the number of mansabdars grew but not enough jagirs were available. This resulted in the infestation of corruption in the system. The mansabdars often did not maintain the required number of soldiers which further weakened the Mughal army.

In addition, the Mughal army did not change with the changing times. The Mughal rulers did not try to reform, modernise or strengthen the army and it continued to use old equipment and techniques of warfare. Unlike the Europeans, the Mughals did not have a navy and did not make any efforts to develop one.

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