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Explain the insectivorous mode of nutrition in angiosperms?

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Insectivorous mode of nutrition: Plants which are growing in nitrogen deficient areas develop insectivorous habit to resolve nitrogen deficiency

1. Nepenthes (Pitcher plant): Pitcher is a modified leaf and contains digestive enzymes. Rim of the pitcher is provided with nectar glands and acts as an attractive lid. When insect is trapped, proteolytic enzymes will digest the insect.

2. Drosera (Sundew): It consists of long club shaped tentacles which secrete sticky digestive fluid which looks like a sundew. 

3. Utricularia (Bladder wort): Submerged plant in which leaf is modified into a bladder to collect insect in water. 

4. Dionaea (Venus fly trap): Leaf of this plant modified into a colourful trap. Two folds of lamina consist of sensitive trigger hairs and when insects touch the hairs it will close.

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