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Define any four of the following: Gamak, alankar, gram, alaap

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If we utter a tone seriously, then it is called Gamak. Gamak insists on the heart to sing Vibration of a particular type of Swar that is good to listen to is called Gamak.

In India, Alankar or Alankara means ornaments or adornments. In the context of Indian classical music, the application of an alankar is essentially to embellish or enhance the inherent beauty of the genre. The Shastras or ancient texts have categorized alankars into two broad groups – Varnalankar and Shabdalankar.

In ancient times, Gamak was considered as 15 types. But in modern times, Gamak is used mostly in the name of Harkat, Khataka, Murki, Meend, Jamjama etc.

In ancient Indian music, order of intervals in an octave was classified in Grams.

The Alaap is the opening section of a typical Indian classical performance where most of the improvisation occurs. Alaap actually sets the mood of the Raag and is unaccompanied by any instrument except the Tanpura drone. It is also known as Khayal.

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