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Describe the method, which can be used to separate two compounds with different solubilities in a solvent S. 

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Fractional crystallisation is the method used for separating two compounds with different solubilities in a solvent S. The process of fractional crystallisation is carried out in four steps. 

(a) Preparation of the solution: The powdered mixture is taken in a flask and the solvent is added to it slowly and stirred simultaneously. The solvent is added till the solute is just dissolved in the solvent. This saturated solution is then heated. 

(b) Filtration of the solution: The hot saturated solution is then filtered through a filter paper in a China dish. 

(c) Fractional crystallisation: The solution in the China dish is now allowed to cool. The less soluble compound crystallises first, while the more soluble compound remains in the solution. After separating these crystals from the mother liquor, the latter is concentrated once again. The hot solution is allowed to cool and consequently, the crystals of the more soluble compound are obtained. 

(d) Isolation and drying: These crystals are separated from the mother liquor by filtration. Finally, the crystals are dried. 

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