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Justify the position of hydrogen in the periodic table?

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Hydrogen resembles alkali metals in the following aspects. 

1. Electronic configuration 1s1 as alkali metals have ns1

2. Hydrogen forms unipositive H+ ion like alkali metals Na+, K+

3. Hydrogen form halides (HX), oxides (H2O) peroxide (H2O2 ) like alkali metals (NaX. Na2O, Na2O2 ). 

4. Hydrogen also acts as reducing agent like alkali metals. Hydrogen resembles halogens in the following aspects. 

5. Hydrogen has a tendency to gain one electron to form hydride ion (H- ) as halogens to form halide ion. (X- ).

6. Comparing the properties of hydrogen with alkali metals and with halogens, we can conclude that hydrogen resembles more alkali metals. In most of the compounds hydrogen exist in +1 oxidation state.

7. Therefore, it is reasonable to place the hydrogen in group 1 along with alkali metals as shown in the latest periodic table published by IUPAC.

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