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Prepare a formal five minute speech on the topic ‘The Importance of Education’ and deliver it at your School Assembly.

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The importance of Education:

Good morning to one and all. Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends, I stand before you to speak my views on “The importance of education”. Education gives people the capacity to reason out and choose the best course of action for themselves. It gives them the necessary skills to earn a living. They often can invest the capital gained in schools and colleges to start industries or farms which can offer employment opportunities to their less fortunate kinsmen. Only educated folks can generate awareness among the masses against population explosion, pollution, and promote water harvesting practices to sustain life on earth. Those who are educated in the real sense have a passion for the upliftment of the society. They always look for ways to repay the society which invested in their education.

They employ various strategies to enhance the quality or standard of living of laymen. Education teaches young men and women to accept different points of view without coming to blows. It provides them the capacity to appreciate the points of views of others and tolerate differences. Education develops the values of democracy, patience and perseverance and also the soft skills required to face challenges in life. Immortal poet Thiruvalluvar said, “Those who are educated have vision and the rest have two sores in the place of eyes. So, I conclude, education is important for all of us. I thank you all for the unique opportunity given to me to share my ideas on the importance of education.

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