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This paragraph has only simple sentences. Combine them into compound and complex sentences. 

One day Ajay and Tijo went to the canal. They wanted to catch some fish. Some people were playing nearby. They chose a better place. They took out the fishing rods. Suddenly there was a loud splash. They also heard a loud scream. Both Ajay and Tijo looked up. They saw something moving in the water. Then they saw a hand waving. Someone had fallen in the water. It was Yusuf. He had jumped into the water. He wanted to swim.

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One day Ajay and Tijo went to the canal to catch some fish One day Ajay and Tijo wanted to catch some fish and so they went to the canal. As some people were playing nearby, they chose a better place. When they took out the fishing rods, there was a loud splash and scream. As they looked up, they saw something like a hand waving, in the water. It was obvious that someone had fallen into the water. It was Yusuf who had jumped into the water to swim.

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