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Develop the following hints into a paragraph 

As is the King, So are the Subjects.

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Once upon a time two kings ruled neighbouring kingdoms. King Arya was a great warrior. He looked after his subjects very well. People loved him. He was always looking for ways to increase their safety and welfare. All his subjects were happy. On the other hand, king Vaishal was a very lazy man. He spent his time entertaining himself. There was always singing, dancing and merry making. His subjects were very angry with him as he never came out of the palace to listen to their woes.

A powerful Sultan attacked both the kingdoms. King Arya’s army, being well-prepared was Very alert. The enemy forces were really powerful. But men, women and even children i joined the hands of army to protect their king. King Vaishal’s subject soon after sensing the impending war, started fleeing the kingdom. King was left all alone. People were not interested in protecting him as he was not interested in their welfare and safety.

King Vaishal realized his foolishness but it was too late. He was defeated in war and fled his country in disgrace to save his own life. King Arya defeated Sultan. This happened because King Arya always kept the welfare of his people in his heart all the time. His subjects reciprocated his love. They were loyal and supportive during testing times.

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