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Choose the most appropriate synonyms for the underlined words,

1. I am constantly filled with wonder. 

(a) hardly 

(b) regularly 

(c) rarely 

(d) sparsely

2. I yanked at the zip of the bag.

(a) pushed 

(b) dragged 

(c) jerked 

(d) closed

3. He had always ended up in standing in an alley

(a) maze

(b) road 

(c) pathway 

(d) hospital

4. He tried pulling it with great consternation

(a) anger 

(b) hatred 

(c) pity 

(d) worry

5. All the contents of the bag were extravagantly ejected. 

(a) frugally 

(b) judiciously 

(c) vainly 

(d) lavishly

6. The tin of tobacco rolled crazily across the concourse

(a) closure 

(b) locked up 

(c) hall 

(d) strait

7. I had gashed my finger. 

(a) bandaged 

(b) plastered 

(c) cut 

(d) healed

8. The tobacco tin went disgorging its content. 

(a) attacking 

(b) discharging 

(c) collecting 

(d) dusting

9. I always have catastrophies when I travel. 

(a) condy 

(b) disasters

(c) jokes 

(d) joy

10. The author’s wife did not show anger or exasperation

(a) pleasure 

(b) irritation 

(c) pain 

(d) hatred

11. He amused her with urbane bons mots

(a) news 

(b) puzzles 

(c) witticism/repartee jokes 

(d) joked

12. He explained the venerable relationship between Bill and William but in vain. 

(a) loathsome 

(b) valued 

(c) hurt 

(d) howled

13. I ache to be suave

(a) rude 

(b) indecent 

(c) dishonest 

(d) polite / sophisticated

14. When it’s my own blood, I think hysterics is justified. 

(a) frenzied 

(b) whisper 

(c) rustle 

(d) hustle

15. My hair went into panic mode. 

(a) courage

(b) fear 

(c) joy 

(d) pleasure

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1. (b) regularly

2. (c) jerked

3. (c) pathway

4. (d) worry

5. (d) lavishly

6. (c) hall

7. (c) cut

8. (b) discharging

9. (b) disasters

10. (b) irritation

11. (c) witticism/repartee jokes

12. (b) valued

13. (d) polite / sophisticated

14. (a) frenzied

15. (b) fear

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