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Choose the most appropriate antonyms for the underlined words.

1. I was shedding blood in a lavish manner. 

(a) Extravagant 

(b) frugal 

(c) easy 

(d) tough

2. I am constantly filled with wonder. 

(a) inconstantly/rarely 

(b) incorrectly 

(c) infrequently 

(d) incessantly

3. I pulled it with a frown

(a) Scowl 

(b) grimace

(c) mockery 

(d) smile

4. I managed to get myself freed

(a) cleared 

(b) disentagled 

(c) imprisoned trapped 

(d) discharged

5. I watched dumbstruck as the carefully sorted documents came down in a cascade. 

(a) ruffled 

(b) excited 

(c) expected 

(d) petrified

6. I was talking to an attractive lady. 

(a) charming 

(b) captivating 

(c) unattractive / ugly 

(d) ravishing

7. I cried in horror.

(a) alarm 

(b) antipathy 

(c) disgust 

(d) pleasure

8. The author amused the lady with some witty remarks.

(a) bored 

(b) doted 

(c) delighted 

(d) entertained

9. Coins bounced to variety of noisy oblivions

(a) Nuisance 

(b) awareness 

(c) forgetfulness 

(d) unconscious

10. This had become a real frustration.

(a) Disappointment 

(b) cramp 

(c) discontentment 

(d) fulfilment

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1. (b) frugal

2. (a) inconstantly/rarely

3. (d) smile

4. (c) imprisoned trapped

5. (c) expected

6. (c) unattractive / ugly

7. (d) pleasure

8. (a) bored

9. (b) awareness

10. (d) fulfilment

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