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Report the following dialogue.

Prabhu : What are you doing here, Kiran? I haven’t seen you for a few months.

Kiran : I have just come back from my native town Virudhunagar.

Prabhu : Did you enjoy your vacation?

Kiran : Yes. I love the place. It is a clean and busy town.

Prabhu : Where did you go and what did you see?

Kiran : I went to Courtallam falls in Tenkasi.

Prabhu : Share some pictures of your trip.

Kiran : Sure. See you later.

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Prabhu asked Kiran what she was’doing there and said that he hadn’t seen her for a few months. Kiran replied that she had just come back from her native town Virudhunagar. Prabhu asked her if she had enjoyed her vacation. Kiran, replied affirmatively and added that she loved the place and it was a clean and busy town. Prabhu further required her where she had gone and what she had seen. Kiran replied that she had gone to Courtallam falls in Tenkasi. Prabhu requested her to share some of the pictures of her trip. Kiran agreed and bade farewell to him.

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