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Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the need to wear seat belts while driving. 18.03.2019 Virudhu Nagar

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M. Kamaraj,

18, Anna Street,

Kabilan avenue,

Virudhu Nagar


The Editor in Chief,

The Hindu, .

Mount Road Chennai Dear sir,

Sub: Importance of seat belts

I’m M. Kamaraj living in Virudhunagar. I have been reading everyday about road accidents. Though the law enforcing officers are making appeals to all car drivers to wear seat-belt, very few do it. It is because cheap car engines start even when the driver has not attached the seat belt. Technically, advanced cars which are above 10 lakhs are better designed and wouldn’t budge if the driver doesn’t wear the seatbelt. Such cars have additional safety mechanism such as air-pillows that prevent serious injuries in case of accidents. But the cheap cars crash and kill not only the drivers but also their loved ones.

Thrill kills! Government of India should insists on airbags and technical viability of connecting seat belt to ignition point in a car to ensure safety of all drivers of cars irrespective of the cost of the cars. I request you to publish this in all your city editions including that of Delhi. This may influence the Transport Minister of Government of India to take positive action on this.

Thank you, 

Yours sincerely, 

M. Kamaraj


The Editor in Chief 

The Hindu 

Mount Road, Chennai

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