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Write a letter to the commissioner of the corporation complaining about the sanitary conditions of the street in your locality.

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K. Lavanya MIG 14, Anna St,

Amma Colony, Shanthi nagar Madurai


The Commissioner

Corporation of Madurai

Madurai -2


Sub: Deteriorating sanitary conditions – complaint I wish to submit the following painful facts for your consideration and immediate action. There are four big garbage bins kept in my street. For the past three weeks, your corporation vehicles have not come to clear the garbage. Now dust bins are overflowing. People are throwing garbage around the garbage bins. But the stench arising out of the accumulated garbage is nauseating. I’m really worried that some serious diseases may break out. Dengue is still causing anxiety among the residents of Madurai as it has already taken a toll of seven babies, two young boys and three old men. Please instruct your officers to send vehicles immediately to collect the garbage and send your sanitary inspectors to sprinkle/spray disinfectants to ensure the prevention of infectious diseases like cholera too.

Thanking you in anticipation

Yours truly,

K. Lavanya


The Commissioner ,

Corporation of Madurai

Madurai -2

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