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Choose the correct synonyms from the options given below.

1. A student embarks on a career after graduation. 

(a) rupture 

(b) begins 

(c) completes 

(d) summons

2. The society has cradled and nurtured every graduate. 

(a) sowed 

(b) protected 

(c) irrigated

(d) annoyed

3. Graduation is the apt time to give back to the society. 

(a) misfit 

(b) appropriate 

(c) irrelevant 

(d) ineligible

4. I am thankful for the unique honour. 

(a) common 

(b) special/unusual 

(c) drab 

(d) conventional

5. This Institution has conferred on me honour. 

(a) fielded 

(b) granted

(c) defied 

(d) withdraw

6. I shall only reiterate some of the cardinal principles. 

(a) repeat/say or do again 

(b) suspend 

(c) reexamine 

(d) reciprocate

7. Wise men have enunciated those principles in the past. 

(a) beat about the bush 

(b) confused 

(c) asserted 

(d) spoke harshly

8. I do claim to represent him in all his ruggedness. 

(a) meekness 

(b) weakness 

(c) toughness 

(d) feebleness

9. Universities are repositories of knowledge. 

(a) rented houses 

(b) own houses 

(c) storehouses 

(d) leased houses

10. Universities are the nursing ground for the emissaries of thought. 

(a) admirably 

(b) adversary 

(c) foe 

(d) ambassador/deputies

11. We have eschewed monarchy. 

(a) embraced 

(b) accepted 

(c) avoided 

(d) relinquished

12. We have stayed away from autocracy

(a) dictatorship

(b) militarism 

(c) mobs 

(d) royalist

13. We have inaugurated the era of democracy

(a) Self-government 

(b) Monarchy 

(c) Bureaucracy 

(d) Autocracy

14. During the feudal days, universities were different. 

(a) old/middle ages 

(b) recent 

(c) future 

(d) modem

15. Eminent scholars were not asked to confront problems of the masses. 

(a) face/resist 

(b) accept 

(c) cowed down 

(d) brow beaten

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1. (b) begins

2. (b) protected

3. (b) appropriate

4. (b) special/unusual

5. (b) granted

6. (a) repeat/say or do again

7. (c) asserted

8. (c) toughness

9. (c) storehouses

10. (d) ambassador/deputies

11. (c) avoided

12. (a) dictatorship

13. (a) Self-government

14. (a) old/middle ages

15. (a) face/resist

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