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Choose the correct synonyms from the options given below.

1. They were content to work in secluded spheres. 

(a) isolated 

(b) swarmed 

(c) crowded 

(d) mobbed/congested

2. University today is not cloistered

(a) liberated 

(b) restricted 

(c) limitless 

(d) infinite

3. The task demands patience and perseverance

(a) low effort 

(b) persistence 

(c) high loss 

(d) heavy loss

4. Graduates should have faith in their inherent ability to shoulder responsibility. 

(a) cultivated 

(b) artificial 

(c) inborn 

(d) nurtured

5. Their philosophy was turned into dazzling garment for the privileged. 

(a) lack luster 

(b) gloomy 

(c) glaring

(d) dim

6. The immediate concern of every individual is to acquire the means for a decent living.

(a) kindness

(b) worry 

(c) indifference 

(d) love

7. You are deeply indebted to the community. 

(a) thankless 

(b) grateful 

(c) loud 

(d) quiet

8. That revenue comes from tillers of the soil. 

(a) manufactures 

(b) farmers 

(c) pollutants 

(d) wasters

9. The toilers did not enjoy this privilege. 

(a) bosses 

(b) workers 

(c) kings 

(d) leaders

10. You should replenish it. 

(a) exhaust 

(b) refill 

(c) consume

(d) deplete

11. You must return hope unto the despondent

(a) empowered 

(b) rejoiced 

(c) depressed/frustrated

(d) energized

12. The world will disturb your determination

(a) instability 

(b) laziness 

(c) uncertainty 

(d) firmness

13. The sermons would become sweet nothings. . 

(a) doctrines 

(b) poems

(c) dramas 

(d) debates

14. Tvranny of all sorts may stare at you. 

(a) kindness 

(b) autocracy 

(c) love 

(d) happiness

15. A continuous stream of men and women are endowed with the spirit of service. 

(a) narrated 

(b) gifted 

(c) withdrew

(d) submitted

16. These service-minded people have been carrying on the crusade successfully. 

(a) campaign fight 

(b) killing 

(c) campaign 

(d) strike

17. Tamil are the inheritors of the rich legacy of culture. 

(a) proprietors 

(b) owners 

(c) successors/heirs 

(d) legacy

18. The legacy of culture enables us to overcome even the adverse environment. 

(a) bequest 

(b) curse 

(c) bane 

(d) perdition

19. You are adequately equipped.

(a) legitimately 

(b) aptly 

(c) sufficiently 

(d) legibility

20. I am confident that you are being sent into the wide world.

(a) despondent 

(b) hopeful 

(c) desperate 

(d) annoyed

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1. (a) isolated

2. (b) restricted

3. (b) persistence

4. (c) inborn

5. (c) glaring

6. (b) worry

7. (b) grateful

8. (b) farmers

9. (b) workers

10. (b) refill

11. (c) depressed/frustrated

12. (d) firmness

13. (a) doctrines

14. (b) autocracy

15. (b) gifted

16. (c) campaign

17. (c) successors/heirs

18. (a) bequest

19. (c) sufficiently

20. (b) hopeful

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