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Choose the most appropriate antonyms for the underlined words.

1. A qualified student embarks on his career. 

(a) boards 

(b) lands/disembarks 

(c) climbs 

(d) takes off

2. The society has nurtured the graduates. 

(a) caned 

(b) protected 

(c) contemplated 

(d) neglected

3. I intend to reiterate some of the cardinal principles enunciated by educational experts. 

(a) spoken vividly 

(b) faltered 

(c) delivered 

(d) articulated

4. I do represent him in all ruggedness

(a) toughness

(b) tenderness 

(c) strength 

(d) might

5. We have eschewed monarchy. 

(a) avoided 

(b) disturbed 

(c) embraced 

(d) dodge

6. It requires individual responsibility. 

(a) personal 

(b) modem 

(c) classical

(d) empty

7. It is the immediate concern of every individual. 

(a) worry 

(b) apprehension 

(c) indifference 

(d) anxiety

8. You are deeply indebted to the society. 

(a) grateful 

(b) thankful 

(c) obliged 

(d) unbliged

9. You need to replenish the social chest. 

(a) fill 

(b) refill 

(c) require 

(d) empty

10. Turn the despondent into optimistic citizens. 

(a) desperate 

(b) frustrated 

(c) hopeless 

(d) hopeless

11. You are adequately equipped. 

(a) sufficiently 

(b) inadequately / insufficiently

(c) enough 

(d) required

12. They were content to work in secluded spheres. 

(a) isolated 

(b) congested 

(c) interior 

(d) inaccessible

13. It is not just material advancement

(a) progress 

(b) backwardness 

(c) development 

(d) refinement

14. In feudal days universities were different. 

(a) old 

(b) middle 

(c) ancient 

(d) modem

15. Their wisdom meant for the selected was privileged.

(a) knowledge 

(b) information 

(c) intelligence 

(d) foolishness

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1. (b) lands/disembarks

2. (d) neglected

3. (b) faltered

4. (b) tenderness

5. (c) embraced

6. (d) empty

7. (c) indifference

8. (d) unbliged

9. (d) empty

10. (d) hopeless

11. (b) inadequately / insufficiently

12. (b) congested

13. (b) backwardness

14. (d) modem

15. (d) foolishness

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