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Choose the most appropriate antonyms for the underlined words.

1. The talk was on critical situations. 

(a) important 

(b) precious 

(c) unimportant / trivial 

(d) furious

2. Someone talked as if tight comers were always physical affairs. 

(a) fiscal 

(b) bodily 

(c) concrete 

(d) mental

3. He persuaded me to look in at the sale. 

(a) led 

(b) followed 

(c) dissuaded 

(d) made

4. Each picture was getting tremendous sums. 

(a) poor / meagre

(b) impressive 

(c) excellent 

(d) huge

5. I had not enough money for securities. 

(a) adequate 

(b) sufficient 

(c) surplus 

(d) limited

6. The.place was full. 

(a) crowded 

(b) empty 

(c) over flowing

(d) congested

7. I had to borrow five hundred pounds. 

(a) receive. 

(b) raise 

(c) lend 

(d) land

8. Then I found myself. 

(a) gained 

(b) discovered 

(c) established 

(d) lost

9. I had often been safely contributing to the hike in auction. 

(a) calmly 

(b) harmlessly 

(c) innocently 

(d) dangerously

10. The dealer made his sensational bid. 

(a) exciting 

(b) remarkable 

(c) extraordinary 

(d) ordinary

11. The auctioneer built up the crescendo gradually. 

(a) climax

(b) bottom 

(c) peak 

(d) zenith

12. There was a rustle of excitement

(a) sensation 

(b) calmness 

(c) fun 

(d) activity

13. To my horror, the red faced dealer gave no sign of life. . 

(a) antipathy 

(b) hate 

(c) dread 

(d) delight

14. Four thousand and fifty guineas offered

(a) presented 

(b) withdrew 

(c) provided 

(d) tendered

15. There was no sound but a curious smothered noise from my friend. 

(a) suffocated 

(b) stifled 

(c) expressed 

(d) suppressed

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1. (c) unimportant / trivial

2. (d) mental

3. (c) dissuaded

4. (a) poor / meagre

5. (c) surplus

6. (b) empty

7. (c) lend

8. (d) lost

9. (d) dangerously

10. (d) ordinary

11. (b) bottom

12. (b) calmness

13. (d) delight

14. (b) withdrew

15. (c) expressed

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