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Choose the most appropriate antonyms for the underlined words.

1. I was the purchaser of a picture. 

(a) consumer 

(b) client 

(c) seller 

(d) bidder

2. My blood congealed

(a) froze 

(b) solidified 

(c) thickened 

(d) thinned

3. My friend had left me not because of baseness.

(a) depravity 

(b) mobility 

(c) vileness

(d) wickdenss

4. He had left to find a remote place to laugh. 

(a) distant 

(b) aloof 

(c) isolated 

(d) nearby

5. I was stunned and dazed. 

(a) astounded 

(b) astonised 

(c) amazed 

(d) cool hedede

6. I handed in my card non-chalantlv

(a) indifferently 

(b) eagerly/mindfull 

(c) coolly 

(d) careless

7. I set to pondering oil the problem. 

(a) ignoring

(b) reflecting 

(c) consider 

(d) contemplating

8. They talk so glibly. 

(a) smoothly 

(b) effortlessly 

(c) dismissively 

(d) rudely

9. A career of rectitude has its rewards. 

(a) honesty 

(b) good behaviour 

(c) depravity 

(d) uprightness

10. The rewards are beyond the mere consciousness of virtue.

(a) nobility

(b) dignity 

(c) morality 

(d) vice

11. I admitted it. 

(a) confessed 

(b) acknowledged 

(c) denied 

(d) accepted

12. The staff looked prosperous 

(a) affluent 

(b) rich 

(c) proud 

(d) poor

13. A genuine mistake could have been rectified. 

(a) Teal 

(b) sincere 

(c) loyal 

(d) false

14. Will you take fifty guineas for your bid

(a) order 

(b) offer 

(c) tender 

(d) rejection

15. In the best of us, there is worldly guile

(a) artistic 

(b) clever 

(c) cunning 

(d) honesty

16. He became grave

(a) cheerful 

(b) serious 

(c) severe 

(d) solemn

17 It is indelibly branded in letters of fire on my heart. 

(a) permanently 

(b) unerasably

(c) erasable 

(d) fixed

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1. (c) seller

2. (d) thinned

3. (b) mobility

4. (d) nearby

5. (d) cool hedede

6. (b) eagerly/mindfull

7. (a) ignoring

8. (d) rudely

9. (c) depravity

10. (d) vice

11. (c) denied

12.  (d) poor

13.  (d) false

14.  (d) rejection

15. (d) honesty

16.  (c) severe

17.  (c) erasable

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