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Retell an episode in the story which is a good example of irony in a situation.

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The ironic episode in the story is when Soapy came to his old home. It's memory changed his mind and made him strong willing person who was ready to brought positive changes in his life. 

"Here was his old childhood home. Through one window, he could see a soft light shining. That had been his living room, where he had spent many happy peaceful moments. Sweet music came to Soapy’s ears and seemed to hold him there. The moon was above, peaceful and bright. There were few people passing. He could hear birds high above him. And the music that came from the room held Soapy there, for he had known it well long ago. In those days, his life contained some precious moments as he had a loving mother and lovely scenes, high hopes, friends, clean thoughts and clean clothes. There was a sudden and wonderful change in his soul. He saw with a digusting feeling how he had chosen the wrong course in life. He saw his worthless days, his wrong desires, his dead hopes, the lost power of his mind. And also, in a moment, his heart answered this change in his soul. He would fight to change his life. He would pull himself up, out of the mud. He would make a man of himself again."

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