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In an experiment, m grams of a compound X (gas/liquid/solid) taken in a container is loaded in a balance as shown in figure I below. In the presence of a magnetic field, the pan with X is either deflected upwards (figure II), or deflected downwards (figure III), depending on the compound X. Identify the correct statement(s)

(A) If X is H2O(l), deflection of the pan is upwards. 

(B) If X is K4[Fe(CN)6](s), deflection of the pan is upwards. 

(C) If X is O2(g), deflection of the pan is downwards. 

(D) If X is C6H6(l), deflection of the pan is downwards.

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Answer: A,B,C

Paramagnetic compound (X) are attracted towards magnetic field and the pan is deflected downwards. 

While the Diamagnetic compound (X) are repelled by magnetic field and pan is deflected upward.

Here O2(g) is paramagnetic due to two-unpaired electrons present in π* (antibonding orbitals). 

It is due to presence of 0 unpaired electrons.

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