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Draw the character sketch of franz

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Franz was a student in one of the schools in the districts of Alsace. Having a poor family set up, the boy was often asked to work in some mill for earning some money. But the family could not pay due attention towards his education, so the boy loved outside environment and wanted to enjoy it. In the school too, he often loved to work in the garden. He became fond of shirking from work and used to put off his learning as well as home task. But he was much scared of his teacher M. Hamel.

In addition to this, the boy had an acute sense of understanding, feeling, recognition and respect. Entering the school, he sensed unusualness and calmness there. He was much surprised at this and was rather troubled to know that his teacher was leaving them because of an order from Berlin had banned the teaching of French. During the writing period, he noticed sad expressions over the face of M. Hamel. When the teacher taught a lesson in grammar, it left an indelible impression on the boy. He felt that the teacher was going to pour everything in their minds. Then the teacher wrote on the blackboard ‘Long Live France’. The boy was deeply moved and he recognised his teacher for his worth. Thus Franz had all the senses of head and heart.

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