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Compare the digestive system of Leech and Rabbit.

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The alimentary canal consists of sucker mouth,buccal cavity,pharynx, oesophagus,crop,stomach, intestine, rectum.The alimentary canal consists of mouth, buccal cavity, pharynx, oesophagus,stomach,small intestine, caecum,large intestine and anus. 
The secretion of saliva contains hirudin which prevents blood coagulation.The saliva helps in lubrication for swallowing.
The crop is divided into many chamber called caeca.The caecum contains bacteria which digest cellulose.
Crop is the largest portion of the alimentary canal divided into 10 chambers. It can store large amount of  blood which can be slowly digested.Stomach is the largest portion of the alimentary canal which has three region.
Crop opens into stomach and it leads to intestine and rectum.The small intestine opens into large intestine which has colon and rectum.
Rectum opens to the exterior anus.Rectum opens outside by the anus.

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