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(a) Define eutrophication and pneumoconiosis. 

(b) Write differences between photochemical smog and classical smog.

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(a) Eutrophication: 

When the growth of algae increases in the surface of water, dissolved oxygen in water is greatly reduced. This phenomenon is known as eutrophication. Due to this growth of fishes gets inhibited. 

(b) Pueumoconiosis: 

It is a disease which irritates lungs. It causes scarring or fibrosis of the lungs. 

Pholochemical smog:

  • It is formed as a result of photochernical decomposition of nitrogen dioxide and chemical reactions involving hydrocarbons. 
  • It takes place during dry warm season in presence of sunlight. 
  • It is oxidising in nature.

Classical smog:

  • It’s formed due to condensation of SO2 vapours on particles of carbon in cold climate. 
  • it is generally formed during winter when there is severe cold. 
  • It is reducing in nature.

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