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Which of the following species are symmetrical :-(a) XeF4 (b) XeF6 (c) SO2(d) NH3+2.Correct answer is:-(1) a and b(2) b and c(3) c and d(4) a and d​

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XeF4 and SO2 both are symmetrical

Symmetrical species are those which can be divided into equal halves by a line of symmetry passing though them. This is possible only in those figured which have a well defined point of symmetry.

Option a has a structure in which xenon atom is surrounded by 4 fluorine atoms. It is thus divided into two equal halves by a line of symmetry passing through the centre.

Option c has sulphur atom surrounded by oxygen atoms which makes it symmetrical due to a line of symmetry passing through the middle. This, it is symmetrical.

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Sorry but answer is XeF4 and NH3+2.

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