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How scientific name of an organism is written? What types of conventions are followed while writing the scientific names?

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Binomial system of nomenclature, proposed by Carolus Linnaeus, is the most accepted system of scientific naming which is practiced currently. This type of naming consists of two words taken from the Latin origin, and if the word is not available in the Latin language then it is latinised. 

There are four conventions which are followed while writing the scientific names. They are as follows: 

(i) The first word out of the two words will be the genus whereas the second word would represent the species. 

(ii) The name of the genus should start with the capital letter and the name of the genus should start with the small letter 

(iii) The scientific name must be italicized, when printed 

(iv) The scientific name must be separately underlined when it is hand written. 

Example: It can be explained with the help of an example. Panthera leo 

  • It is the common name of the lion. 
  • In this, the first word represents its genus - Panthera, while the second word represents the species - Leo.
  • The scientific name has been italicized.

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