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Give two salient features or any unique feature, each of the following division or phylum: 

A. Division Thallophyta.

B. Division Pteridophyta.

C. Division Gymnosperms.

D. Phylum Coelenterata. 

E. Phylum Annelida. 

F. Phylum Arthropoda. 

G. Phylum Protochordata. 

H. Phylum Vertebrata.

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(A). Division Thallophyta 

  • The plant body is thalloid are not divided into true root, stem or leaves  
  • Conducting elements are absent in thallophytes 

(B) Division Pteridophyta 

  • Pteridophyta are first true land plants 
  • They are seedless, vascular cryptogams 

(C) Division gymnosperms 

  • They have naked seeds, that is, its seeds are not covered by fruit. Formation of the flower is absent. 
  • The seeds are pollinated by wind 

(D) Phylum Coelenterata 

  • Presence of cnidoblast cells, therefore, phylum also known as cnidaria 
  • All the members of phylum Coelenterata are aquatic, mostly marine. 

(E) phylum Annelida 

  • Body is metamerically segmented 
  • First Phylum having a true coelom 

(F) phylum Arthropoda  

  • Animals having jointed appendages 
  • Largest and most successful phylum on the Earth 

(G) subphylum protochordate 

  • Pharynx perforated by Gill slits. 
  • A post-anal tail is present. Brainbox is absent.

(H) subphylum Vertebrata 

  • The notochord is replaced by a cartilaginous or bony vertebral column in the adult 
  • Presence of dorsal hollow nerve cord

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