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Which of the following are covered by a single membrane? 

A. Mitochondira 

B. Vacuole 

C. Lysosome 

D. Plastid

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C. Lysosome

Lysosomes comprise around fifty different degradative catalysts that can hydrolyze proteins, DNA, RNA, polysaccharides, and lipids. Changes in the qualities that encode these catalysts are answerable for in excess of 30 distinctive human hereditary illnesses, which are called lysosomal capacity sicknesses on the grounds that undegraded material collects inside the lysosomes of influenced people. A large portion of these illnesses result from lack in single lysosomal catalysts. For instance, Gaucher's illness (the most widely recognized of these issues) results from a change in the quality that encodes a lysosomal compound needed for the breakdown of glycolipids. A charming special case is I-cell illness, which is brought about by an inadequacy in the compound that catalyzes the initial phase in the labeling of lysosomal proteins with mannose-6-phosphate in the Golgi contraption. The outcome is an overall disappointment of lysosomal proteins to be fused into lysosomes.

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