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(a) State the form in which the following are stored :

(i) Unused carbohydrates in plants

(ii) The energy derived from food in humans.

(b) Describe the process of nutrition in Amoeba with the help of diagram.

(c) How does paramecium obtain its food ?

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(a) (i) Starch (ii) ATP


Fig. Holozoic nutrition in Amoeba

Protozoans like Amoeba capture food with the help of temporary finger-like processes called pseudopodia.

As soon as Amoeba comes in contact with food particle or prey, it throws pseudopodia all around the food particle. The tips of encircling pseudopodia fuse and the prey come to lie in a vesicle or phagosome. This method of intake of food is called circumvallation. Amoeba can also ingest food by other methods likes import circumfluence and invagination.

(c) In paramecium, the food is taken in at a specific sport and is moved to this spot by the movement of cilia which cover the entire surface of the cell.

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