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What conclusion would be drawn by Rutherford when he observed that most of the fast moving α-particles passed straight through the gold foil?

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(i) Ernest Rutherford did an experiment to know the structure of the atom inside the atom. 

(ii) He conducted a Gold Foil experiment, in which he attached very thin gold foil with fast moving atoms are known as the alpha(α) particles, with the mass of 4u. 

(iii) These alpha particles are charged Helium ions with mass of 4u. 

(iv) Rutherford concluded the observations from the experiment and gave his interpretation of the inside structure of atom. 

(v) One of the observations made by Rutherford form the experiment was that, the majority of the fast moving α particles passed straight through the layer of foil. 

(vi) The conclusion that Rutherford made from this was, inside the atom, there are lot of empty spaces present because the majority of alpha particles passed through the foil without any deflection from the foil.

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