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Why do helium, neon, and argon have zero valencies?

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(a) Helium, Neon, and Argon are the examples of the special group of elements called the noble gases. 

(b) This is because of their completely filled valence shell. All these elements have a valency of zero because of their fully filled outermost shells.

(c) Their atomic numbers are 2, 8 and 18 respectively, by their electronic configuration Helium has 2 electrons in the K shell, Neon has 8 in the L shell and Argon has 8 in the M shell.

(d) The K shell in the Helium is filled and the L and M shells in Neon and Argon respectively have a complete octet of electrons which makes them stable, so they do not require sharing their electrons and have the valency of zero.

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