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Write the atomicity of the following: 

(i) I2 (ii) H2S (iii) HNO3 (iv) Na2SO4 (v) S8

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Atomicity: The number of atoms constituting a molecule is known as its atomicity. 

i. In I2 , there are two atoms of iodine constituting a molecule. 

Hence, the atomicity is 2 (diatomic). 

ii. In H2S, there are two atoms of hydrogen and one atom of Sulphur constituting a molecule of H2S. Hence, the atomicity is 3 (triatomic). 

iii. In HNO3 , there are three atoms of oxygen, one atom of nitrogen and one atom of hydrogen sulphur constituting a molecule of HNO3 . Hence, the atomicity is five. 

iv. In Na2SO4 , there are two atoms of sodium, one atom of Sulphur and four atoms of oxygen constituting a molecule of Na2SO4 Hence, the atomicity is seven. 

v. In S8 , there are eight atoms of sulphur constituting a molecule. 

Hence, the atomicity is eight.

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