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Differentiate between

(a) Rabi season crop and Kharif season crop.

(b) Harvesting and threshing.

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Rabi season crop Kharif season crop
Crops which are sown in the months of October- November and harvested in the month March - April. Crops which are sown in the months of June - July and harvested n september - october
The rabi crops also sometimes are also called as 'winter crops' The kharif crops also sometimes  are also called as 'summer crops'.
Examples are wheat,oat, barley and pulses, oil seeds. Examples are paddy, maize, sorghum, sugarcane, and pearl millets.


Harvesting Threshing
It is a process of cutting of matured crop. It is a process of  loosening of chaff from grains.
Traditionally is done with the help of sickle. Traditionally is done by striking harvested crop against a hard surface.
Harvesting is also carried out with the help of a machine called 'combine' (combination of harvester and thresher). Threshing is also carried out with the help of a machine called combine ( combination of harvester and thresher)
It is done before threshing. It is done after harvesting.

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