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Write some causes by which water get polluted.

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Causes of water pollution are as follows -

  • Throwing large quantities of garbage, untreated sewage (containing food wastes, detergents, microorganisms), dead bodies and many other harmful things directly in water
  • Throwing non-biodegradable polythene bags, Idols of god and goddesses in water.
  • Discharging of toxic chemical waste into river by industries. Increased level of chemicals in water bodies act as nutrients for algae and results in decrease in oxygen level which may kill aquatic organisms
  • People bathing, washing clothes and defecating in the river.
  • Releasing hot water from power plants and industries adversely affects or leads to death of plants and animals living in it
  • Discharge of pesticides and insecticides from soil to river after rain.
  • Water in sea gets polluted due to oil spills from ships and tankers while travelling.

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