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Only two of the following statements accurately describe what happens in the mouth. 

1. Amylase breaks down large starch molecules into smaller maltose molecules. 

2. Chewing increases the surface area of food for digestion 

3. Saliva emulsifies fats into smaller droplets. 

4. Teeth breakup large insoluble molecules into smaller soluble molecules. 

Which statements are correct? 

A. 1 and 2 

B. 2 and 3 

C. 3 and 4 

D. 1 and 4

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Chewing increases the surface area of food. Large food particles are broken down into small fragments. Salivary amylase secreted by salivary glands acts on carbohydrates (starch) present in food and converts it into maltose. Saliva does not act on fats.

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