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Write in detail the adaptations of bat.

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Mostly, bats live in caves. Caves provide them protection during the day from most predators and the temperature here is very stable. Apart from caves, bats also live in trees, hollowed logs and rock crevices. They are extremely important to humans as they reduce insect population and help to pollinate plants.

The adaptations of a bat in relation to their habitat are;

  • Nocturnality: Bats are active at night. This is a useful adaptation for them, as flight requires a lot of energy during day. Their thin, black wing membrane (Patagium) may cause excessive heat absorption during the day. This may lead to dehydration.
  • Flight adaptation: Bat wings are entirely different from those of birds or insects. Modified forelimbs serve as wings. The bones in the wings of bats are elongated fingers and are connected by the flaps of skin on either side of the body known as Patagia. Tail supports and controls movements during flight. Muscles are well developed and highly powerful and achieve in beating of wings. Tendons of hind limbs provide a tight grasp when the animals are suspended upside down at rest.
  • Hibernation: Hibernation is a state of inactivity in which the body temperature drops with a lowered metabolic rate during winter. Bats are warm-blooded animals but unlike other mammals, they let their internal temperature reduce when they are resting.They go to a state of decreased activity to conserve energy.
  • Echolocation: Bats are not blind. But to fly around and hunt for insects in the dark, they use a remarkable high-frequency system called echolocation. Bats give out high-freqUeney sounds (ultrasonic sounds). These sounds are reflected back from its prey and perceived by the ear. Bats use these echoes to locate and identify the prey.

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