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What is the function of anther? How does fusion of male and female gametes take place in plants?

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Anthers are male reproductive parts of plants. They are bi-lobed and are connected with a long tube like structures called filament. 

Anther is responsible for the formation of pollen grains. Pollen grains, when formed, are stored inside the anther when pollen matures they exert pressure on the inside wall of anther causing it to burst and release the pollen outside. Now these pollens reaches the stigma of the female flower by pollinators. 

Once pollen lands on the stigma, certain interactions occur and pollen absorbs water and swells leading to the formation of the pollen tube. This pollen tube is a hollow tube which enters stigma, travels through style and penetrates inside ovary. Through this pollen tube, male nuclei reach the egg and fertilization takes place.

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