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Imagine yourself as one of the heads of states attending the international Earth summits at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1992. Discuss some measures taken by your country to combat environmental damage, poverty and disease.

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From 3rd to the 14th of June in the year 1992, Rio de Janeiro hosted the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development to discuss the state of the global environment. It concluded with the Earth Summit, and the leaders of 105 nations attended this conference to show their commitment to sustainable development. These nations

Some measures taken by my country are:

(i) Introduction of agro-industries or farm industries in the rural areas to provide employment to farmers and labourers.

(ii) Introduction of HIV seeds, agricultural machinery, eco-friendly fertilizers to boost the agricultural economy and better production.

(iii) Spreading awareness of environmental pollution and other issues like health, sanitation, and diseases among rural and urban areas on a massive level, by rallies, movements, programs, etc.

(iv) Building organizations to protect the environment and contribute to the welfare of poverty-stricken areas, the minorities like women children and elderly, providing facilities for healthcare, education and sanitation.

(v) Undertaking steps to protect forests and promote deforestation and reforestation, preserve the wildlife of forests by building national parks and biological reserves.

(vi) Protect marine life and ocean by curbing disposal of wastes from factories, domestic waste, and litter. Taking steps to prevent oils spill from petroleum platforms.

(vii) Marshy Soil: This soil occurs in humid areas with heavy rainfall. It is black in colour and highly acidic. It occurs in Sunderbans of West Bengal, coastal regions of Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Uttrakhand.

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