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Explain the importance of conservation of resources

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Conservation is the process in which the natural resources are cared for and protected from depletion and extinction. Renewable resources like trees and plants,water,and air can be replaced gradually. Non-renewable resources like fossil fuels, minerals and essential oils cannot be replaced as it takes millions of years to form naturally. Conservation of natural resources is necessary because as the years are passing, and the human population has increased rapidly, thereby adding to the demand and consumption of natural resources. This is placing extreme pressure on the resources, which are depleting faster than they are replaced. Through carefully planned methods and sustainable development, we can prolong the availability of natural resources for future generations. Through conservation, we can reduce wastage and maintain the biodiversity of nature and prevent natural cycles and eco-systems from getting disrupted, thus endangering our lives and that of the animal and plant species. We must not forget that animals too depend on on natural resources like forests, rivers and seas to thrive. Their survival cannot be compromised in the name of development. Using resources wisely will also ensure our survival and that of future generations.

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