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List in tabular form three distinguishing features between a thermal power plant and a geothermal power plant.

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Thermal power plantGeothermal power plant
SourceBurning of fossil fuels in the power stations to produce steam, which further runs the turbine.The 'hotspots', areas where molten rocks formed in the earth's crust are pushed up because of geological changes and trapped.
When underground water comes in contact with this hotspot, steam is produced. This steam is routed through a pope to a turbine and generate electricity.
Commercial utilizationTransmission of electricity more efficient than transporting coal and petroleum over same distance, hence located near oil fields.The cost of production would not be much, but very few commercially viable sites
They are called thermal power plants as heat energy is converted into electrical energySometimes hot water from that region finds an outlet to the surface, such areas are known as hot springs.

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