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Show the electronic transfer in the formation of MgCl2 form its elements.

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Mg >> Electronic configuration= 2,8,2 Stable form>> 2,8 hence valency= +2 Cl>> Electronic configuration= 2,8,7 Stable form>> 2,8,8 hence valency= -1 Formation of MgCl2

Formation of magnesium ion by donating an electron 

Mg(2,8) → Mg+2 + 2e-

Formation of chlorine ion by accepting an electron 

Cl(2,8,7) + e- → Cl-

When 2 free chlorine atoms accept the electrons given by single magnesium ion the compound MgCl2 is formed.

The 2 electrons lost by a magnesium atom are gained by chlorine atoms to produce a magnesium ion and 2 chloride ions.

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