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Explain the importance of classification. State two differences between Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. What are the important phylums of Plant kingdom, give their names only? Write the names of the animals of the following phylums to which they belong: 

(a) Porifera 

(b) Coelenterata 

(c) Annelida 

(d) Mollusca

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Importance of classification: 

  • Classification helps to understand evolution, as both are closely related. 
  • Classification helps to know the relationship between different plants/organisms, as organisms are put together on the basis of similarities.
Angiosperm Gymnosperm
Angio means covered, sperma means seed.

The seeds develop inside an organ which is modified to  form a fruit
Gymno means naked, sperma means seed.

The plants of this group bear naked seeds.
These are usually perennial, evergreen and woody

These are also called flowering plants.

These are two kinds of angiosperms: dicotyledons and monocotyledons.

Important phylum of plant kingdom:

  • Thallophyta 
  • Bryophyta 
  • Pteridophyta 
  • Gymnosperm 
  • Angiosperm

Animals belonging to the following phylums 

(a) Porifera – Sycon, Spongilla 

(b) Ceolenterata – hydra, sea anemone 

(c) Annelida – earthworm, leeches 

(d) Mollusc - octopus, pila

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