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MyPace University is setting up its academic blocks at Naya Raipur and is planning to set up a network. The University has 3 academic blocks and one Human Resource Center as shown in the diagram below:

Center to Center distances between various blocks/center is as follows:

Law Block to business Block40 m
Law block to Technology Block80 m
Law Block to HR center105 m
Business Block to technology Block30 m
Business Block to HR Center35 m
Technology block to HR center15 m

Number of computers in each of the blocks/Center is as follows:

Low Block15
Technology Block40
HR center115
Business Block25

a) Suggest the most suitable place (i.e., Block/Center) to install the server of this University with a suitable reason. 

b) Suggest an ideal layout for connecting these blocks/centers for a wired connectivity. 

c) Which device will you suggest to be placed/installed in each of these blocks/centers to efficiently connect all the computers within these blocks/centers. 

d) Suggest the placement of a Repeater in the network with justification. 

e) The university is planning to connect its admission office in Delhi, which is more than 1250km from university. Which type of network out of LAN, MAN, or WAN will be formed? Justify youranswer.

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a. Most suitable place to install the server is HR center, as this center has maximum number of computers.


c. Switch 

d. Repeater may be placed when the distance between 2 buildings is more than 70 meter. 

e. WAN, as the given distance is more than the range of LAN and MAN.

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