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Read the following lines and answer question on the basis of the same:

Tissue Culture in Rose Propagation

In January 2014, an experiment was conducted to explore the intricacies of in vitro propagation of Rosa hybrida from explants. The purpose was to determine the proper basal medium and growth regulators for these tissue culture techniques. Plant hormones play a pivotal role in growth and differentiation of cultured cells and tissues. An acidic pH is also very important. There are several types of media like MS, LS, B5 and Nitsch's medium, and the choice of media is dictated by the plant species, variety or plant part. However, the most extensively used nutrient medium is MS medium, which was developed by Murashige and Skoog in 1962. Rosa hybrida L. species are propagated around the world, using seed propagation, micropropagation, stem cuttings, budding, grafting, and even tissue culture. To increase the productivity of roses, somatic hybridization is also thought of.

(i) To enhance the productivity through micropropagation, which medium is generally used.

(a) MS medium 

(b) LS 

(c) B5 

(d) Nitsch's medium

(ii) An optimum pH is very important in plant cell tissue culture. It is usually: 

(a) 8.7 

(b) 7.7 

(c) 9.7 

(d) 5.7

(iii) In order to enhance the productivity of rose plants, which of the following could be an effective strategy? 

(a) Somatic hybridization 

(b) Generation of haploids 

(c) Embryo rescue 

(d) Generation of triploids

(iv) Which technique is not included in vegetative propagation?

(a) Layering propagation 

(b) Transgenic 

(c) Budding 

(d) Grafting

(v) The term explant used in the passage is … 

(a) any part of the plant 

(b) only shoot 

(c) only root 

(d) only leaf 

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(i) (a) MS medium

(ii) (d) 5.7 

(iii) (a) Somatic hybridisation

(iv) (b) transgenic

(v) (a) any part of the plant

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